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About Us

The music duo Jaief & Asong came to life in 2014 during a musical event where both friends talked about their passion for making quality rap music, and their desire to experiment across genres.

The two friends first got to know each other while at university in Germany through their network of graphic artists, and music-making friends. Jaief & Asong both instantly clicked while sharing their very similar musical background, and future ambitions.

With the help of longtime friend and producer KasAkustix, the duo released their debut project “EARWORMS” in the fall of 2014. Fueled by lively instruments, effortless flows and feel-good melodies on songs like “Earworm,” “Been Waiting,” and “Glow,” the project would amass over 1 million streams; over 200,000 downloads and several sync licenses – on the music platform, Jamendo alone. The song “Earworm” was cited on the radio program trackback by Berlin-based radio, Radio Fritz,  as having what it takes to contend for “Song of the Year 2015.”

Their 2016 single “Get Away“; a chill and positive rap/soul song featuring beautiful vocals from Jazz/Soul singer, Rebekka Salomea would garner mostly critical acclamation. In 2017, the song would be selected by the record label Bosworth Creative and Fritz Radio, and would be aired live on the Radio Show “Fritz Unsigned” on Fritz Radio in Berlin.

Besides being hip-hop heads at heart, both friends also share a bunch of other interests including;  sports, politics, and science – especially astronomy, which leaves traces from time to time in their raps.

As individuals, their musical tastes transcends hip-hop to other genres like country, jazz, soul, rock, pop, afropop, electronic music, etc.

The two friends live in separate cities in the south of Germany but plan and execute their musical projects with producer KasAkustix in Berlin.

The duo is currently working on new music while modestly promoting and enjoying the positive feedback from their 2017 single “Don’t Need To“; a very laid-back and groovy love song produced by KasAkustix.